Training is vital to every organization for enhanced results. These days it’s not just important to know the “JOB” but essential to have some essential skills to deal with clients, peers, your subordinates, etc.

Every organization realizes the need and importance of providing its employees opportunity to develop. A continuous learning culture increases retention as providing learning opportunities to employees demonstrate the care and interest the organization has towards its employees career and development.

We provide training and development services for organizations looking for customized training programs for development opportunities specific to their organization. We offer robust training and development services for your staff after thorough training need analysis.

Competence of an employee is the combination of their aptitude and enthusiasm. For an organization to function efficiently, it is vital that all its employees are skilled at every level. We undertake a well-planned and customized training and development curriculum. Our trainers are well informed of the information pertaining to the company’s business, the industry, their products & services. Our training and development programs are developed taking into account all the key aspects.

We have been every time operational towards building our standing by providing the best promising services. Our training and development services are provided by skilled professionals who have specialization in the areas of Soft Skills, Business Communication, Voice & Accent, Personality Development and Skill based Training. All our workshops are interactive in nature, instructive with a clear goal and are backed by professional trainers.

  • Project Trainings
  • Corporate Trainings

Project Trainings, though very specific to an organization and its product, is very important to be on par with industry standards and delivered in a certain manner to ensure effectiveness.
HR Mithra will assign a dedicated trainer who will train your employees on product and process specific to your organization with the industry domain knowledge.
The trainer will not only train your employees on the product and process, but will also handhold in the incubation of a new employee with programs such as On-the-job- training, client certification etc.
We have trainers with over a decade’s experience in facilitation and content creation which is an assurance to our clients of the expertise we carry.

Corporate trainings caters to this need of the individual and the organization. We offer a wide range of training sessions, categorised into Executive, Mid- Management & the Management. Example of Training Programs we offer:

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Team Management
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Professional & Business Etiquette

Our training framework includes:

HR Mithra

Training Need Analysis

We will in discussion with your leaders analyse and determine the trainings that are need for your organization. Categorisation of the same among the levels of employees, competencies required at each role and position, competency development for employees on their path to the next levels etc. A thorough analysis will lead to the designing of our training programs for your organizations.

Content Creation

Once we have determined and identified the training programs needed along with the proficiency levels, we will build the content based on our analysis, understanding level of the employees, management requirement and the industry standards. The content will not only be limited to the training module but will also consists of facilitator’s guide, user handbook.

Conduct the training program

Training Programs will be scheduled keeping in mind that the productivity of the employees are not hampered. The trainees will be employees nominated by their manager/ supervisors. We will have dedicated trainer assigned who will facilitate the training and conduct evaluation and assessments to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Program Summary

A detailed program summary is prepared and submitted to you that gives data on training duration, topics covered, employees enrolled vs attended, training effectiveness, feedback on trainer, training module etc. This program summary will help in making informed decisions on the further courses and enhancements.

Reach out to us today, for customized corporate competency training as well as for project trainings from training domain experts.

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