Right Candidate in the Right Job at the Right Time is the most crucial and imperative aspect for any Business today. And this requires a proper planning and execution. Having over a decades’ experience in Recruitment HR Mithra adapts a highly standardized approach to its recruitment process. Be it Manpower Fulfillment, Contract Staffing, Bulk Hiring or Lateral hiring, we aim to provide highly-skilled and proficient professionals through our seamless recruitment process.

Our recruitment process is an extremely organized and hassle-free process for our clients.

Recruitment Process

Any project’s success is purely dependent on the planning and hence HR Mithra spends adequate time in the planning of any manpower requirement that comes up.

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Our first step is planning, where we thoroughly understand the client’s requirement in terms of the positions to be filled, the numbers, required skill set and qualifications

Job Description

We then prepare the Job Description for every open position and then obtain an approval from the client on the same.

Research and Development

Our next step is the research and development, where our team of experienced recruiters source the right candidates based on the skills, experience, qualification etc through our various sourcing strategies.

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Screening and Interviewing

Then comes the Screening & Interviewing, we do the initial screening and interview to assess the candidates for their skills and other details.

Client Interview

Once we are sure of the right fit we share the list of shortlists with you for client interview. We channel the interview between you and the candidate, so both are in a position to make informed decisions.


Then comes the closure, once the candidate is selected by you, we assist in negotiation of final remuneration, joining date and the offer date.

We believe in long term relationships and not in a one-time affair and hence we maintain continuous connect with companies and well as the candidates. In case for some reason, the hired candidate attrites within the stipulated time of our agreements, we will provide replacements for the same.  

Types of Recruitment Services:

  • Short-Term Temporary/Contractual Staffing
  • Long- Term Staffing (Contract-to-Hire)
  • Permanent Employment

We have Qualified, pre-trained, non-core staff on a temporary/ project basis to meet your seasonal hiring for a limited period of time. Using our short-term staffing saves you the trouble of layoffs and unemployment after the extra help is no longer needed.

Most companies would want to see how employees perform in a particular job without permanently hiring them. We would recruit employees who meet your company’s standards and qualifications who would work in your organization for a contract period that would generally last a year, at the end of the contract, if you the option to hire the employee, extend the contract or even move on to the next candidate in case of dissatisfied performance.

You may have to fill a vacant position or have got a new project that needs addition manpower allocation or there is a need from the client for an increased headcount and all of this in a stipulated time. Our expert recruiters will do this for you with the aid of our seamless hiring process and their expertise. Our hiring capabilities are not limited to just one category of employees, but we possess the hands-on experience of hiring all positions Blue Collar workers, Entry Level, Executive level, Senior and Mid- Level Hiring, CXO level leadership hiring.

Hire Right, the First Time & Every Time by choosing Us!

About us

HR MITHRA is a Human Resources Management Consultancy that provides you a comprehensive solution for your multidisciplinary HR function. We will partner with you to assess and identify the unique needs of your organization and chalk out the transformation journey of your people & processes guaranteeing progress, of both your manpower as well as the organization.

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