In today’s changing scenarios, downsizing is the hard reality for organizations. What if you can also support your employees on their way out! You are only strengthening your bond with them by assisting in minimize the disruption a job loss can do an employee.

Providing outplacement service to your employees who are exiting leaves a very positive impact with your employees, protects brand reputation and reduces the risk negative PR. Outplacement service provided to exited employees also works positively amongst the retained employees. It helps in building employee morale, engagement, and loyalty.

For the continued success of the organization, handling terminations becomes very crucial.  Endling the employer, employee relationship must be dealt with utmost care, dignity and respect in order to ensure minimal to no litigation and maintenance of the organization reputation.

Laying off employees is a tough job both in terms of the decision and execution of the related tasks. Outplacement services we offer is not only for the exiting employees but also to support the teams in the organization managing the layoffs, such as the HR team and Managerial teams. We will walk with you and your team hand in hand supporting them progress through every phase.  If you are facing a situation where you need your organization needs to plan downsizing of your employees and wants it to be a WIN-WIN situation, reach out to us to know how our outplacement services can help you through this.

Outplacement services include:

From planning the optimization to designing an outplacement strategy, we guide and support at every step. Our tailor made outplacement service aims to provide complete support to the employees and the organization at various levels.

HR Mithra will make that possible with the following:

We will assign a dedicated project team from start to finish. Our team of experts will ensure an efficient transition ensuring minimal disruption. We will work with your supervisor/manager and HR to plan, communicate, counselling and support the transition process.

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HR MITHRA is a Human Resources Management Consultancy that provides you a comprehensive solution for your multidisciplinary HR function. We will partner with you to assess and identify the unique needs of your organization and chalk out the transformation journey of your people & processes guaranteeing progress, of both your manpower as well as the organization.

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