How do you know an employee or candidate is fit for your organization? The skills and qualification is no doubt assessed in the interview to find the right fit for the job. However, it is imperative to have data to prove most aspects to be sure of the right fit not just for the job but for the organization to sustain the values and culture. That’s where a Background verification which acts as an authenticator comes into play.

Our background verification service enables organizations to run due diligence on candidates to uncover fraud. HR Mithra offers a wide range of comprehensive background verification solutions to create and an environment of trust and be doubly sure of the candidate chosen and conduct business with confidence.

Our Background verification services include:

  • Address Check:
  • Education Check:
  • Employment Check:
  • Reference Check:
  • Identity Check:
  • Criminal Check:
  • Social Media Check:

Address check allows employers to be sure of the address of the candidate as provided by the candidate.

Residential Address Verification is done through a physical site visit or database check. Our field staff visits the current and permanent addresses of the candidates as requested by employer. During the visit house, street, GPS Coordinates and signature of the verifier is captured and shared with employer.

It is imperative for any employer to hire genuine candidates with authentic degree and valid education. The education check verifies the genuineness of employee’s educational qualifications from colleges/institutes/universities. We cover all universities and types of courses and certifications offered within India.

To verify following parameters in an education check:

  • Name of college and university
  • Year of Enrollment and Passing
  • Registration number/Roll number
  • Issuing date of certificates
  • Subjects/Course Pursued
  • Marks/Percentage Obtained

When hiring experienced candidates, companies often finalize remuneration and designation based on past employment experience that the candidate carries and therefore it becomes critical for an employer to verify the past performance related data of previous employments. Information present in the resume and experience letters provided by the candidate is not sufficient to authenticate this data, hence this information needs to be validated through an employment check.

Employment check includes:

  • Tenure of Employment
  • Designation Held
  • Last remuneration (CTC)
  • Any pending dues
  • Reason for exit
  • Conduct while employed with previous employer.

These checks are carried out by reaching out to the HR of the previous company or the candidates immediate supervisor.

Employment checks are carried either at the time of offer soon after the selection process or as an intervention annually or at the time of progression/promotion, or also as a requirement of the company’s client. HR Mithra can customize this as per your requirement.

Reference check enables company’s to be sure of any behavior or performance related issues pertaining to the candidate. It gives more clarity on the candidate’s/employee’s profile. Reference checks are conducted at two levels, Personal Reference Check and Professional Reference Check.

An email or telephonic verification is sought regarding the professional background, educational background and candidate’s integrity. For freshers, these checks are done by reaching out to the respective education institute the candidate has studied.

We prepare questionnaires based on proper research to elicit appropriate and honest response that helps in making an informed decision regarding a candidate or an employee.

Professional reference – Needs to be someone who has worked with the candidate/employee closely for at least 6 months within the past five years. It usually needs to be a person one level above the candidate, an immediate supervisor or a department head or a higher level manager. This is mainly to know how regarding the candidate’s/ employee’s work ethics, professionalism, work habits etc, basically to know how the candidate/ employee contributed to the work environment.

Personal reference – Needs to be someone has not necessarily worked with the candidate/employee but can describe the candidate’s/employee’s behavior, character, integrity and values. It can be anyone friends and long-term associations. One must avoid such a reference to be a family member or spouse to ensure there are no biased feedbacks.

Identity check is conducted to ensure that the candidate is not using any other person’s identity, information or related documents. Identity check is conducted through verification of the ID proof documents submitted by the candidate/ employee. Our identity check ensures that the candidate’s/employee’s documents are not forged, tampered digitally, lost or stolen. The documents checked in the Identity Check are PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport.

Criminal Check is conducted to check whether the candidate/employee has any past criminal records or has committed any fraud. This check is essential for organizations to ensure there is safety in the workplace and are not fostering any illegal miscreants.

The check we perform includes a name matching search from databases that include, criminal, compliance, financial and regulatory databases. Databases include, local police lists, Indian courts, most-wanted criminals etc. We use government sourced websites to obtain data.

Social Media Checks are conducted by employers usually at the time of hiring a candidate to make hiring decisions based on the information gathered from the candidate’s, employee’s social media accounts. This involves screening the candidate’s/employee’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter to name a few.

Social Media check can reveal most information about the candidate which may not be possible through just the interviews. We can find various information on social media which can help you avoid hiring a inappropriate candidate. Some of the things we can identify through this sort of a check is the candidate’s personality and passions, culture fit, and their beliefs and views about things in general.

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