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Today, all businesses are aware that Human Resource is the most valuable asset to the success of their business and hence they do believe in strengthening its Human Resource Management function.

Right from choosing the right candidate to the right job, to ensuring the appropriate level of reward and recognition, to engaging the employee to be involved with organization’s vision and goal – every aspect of it plays a vital role. Human Resource is that function, in any organization, that fosters the very foundation of the organization to ensure its growth is sustainable and does not wither off with the changing time.

Organizations, small or big, start ups or established, needs its Human Resources Strategies to be adapted to the changing times and needs to be most up-to-date to attract and retain the best talent. While HR operations within an organization, can certainly be managed by individuals managing other areas of work, the designing and developing of these innovative, up-to-date strategies needs expertise, knowledge and experience.

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HR MITHRA is a Human Resources Management Consultancy that will provide you a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for your multidisciplinary HR function.

HR Mithra is just that partner you need for your organization. We at HR Mithra, are a bunch of people who are passionate about Human Resources and intend to work towards making a difference to the organization we partner with. For us, while it is a business, the take-away is not just the profits we would make by associating with you but most importantly the progressive difference that we can make to your organization.

An integrated holistic approach is what we adapt at HR MITHRA and that is why we are a one stop source of solution for all your HR needs.

Organizations have less time and in some cases money to focus on people, as their main focus is on sales, marketing and production of their product or service. HR Mithra comes to your assistance here, as we help with everything starting from licensing and registration to a recruitment strategy, talent acquisition, talent management, building a company culture and pretty much everything that results in a high-performing environment. While organizations focus on their core business roadmap, HR Mithra will take care of your employees and employee related needs.

We will partner with you to assess and identify the unique needs of your organization and chalk out the transformation journey of your people & processes guaranteeing progress, of both your manpower as well as the organization.

HR MITHRA is a dynamic organization that comprises a team of Human Resource Domain Specialists as well as has strategic alliances with diversified HR Specialists, who collaborate to provide you the best service.   

Our diverse team has demonstrated expertise in a wide range of human resources areas including Recruitment, HR Policy Creation and Implementation, Outplacement, Training & Development, Payroll Services, Background verification, Statutory Compliance Management, CSR etc.

In most cases than not, HR teams/ functions are looked upon as a cost center vs a revenue generating function. While this mindset is changing, it is still a farfetched goal before all employers and managements understand this. It is imperative that organizations as well as their people understand the importance of a well-managed HR function, without which the path towards growth is going to be a turbulent journey often dragging organizations down with various complications.

Building a fair culture across the organization, having the right set of people at the right time, retaining the right talents, engaging the workforce, well defined succession planning, adherence to statutory compliances, well managed exit strategies are all very sensitive and crucial aspects for the success of any organization, be it in the form of its reputation, respect or growth. And we at HR Mithra have, all this while, worked on achieving these, be it as employees at an organization, as entrepreneurs or in any capacity we may been associated with so far.

HR Mithra believes, Human Resources function should not only work in the interest of the employees but be as a backbone to the management that strengthens them to overcome any people issues. While we believe it is the duty of the HR to empower people and create awareness of their benefits and employment rights, we also work in the interest of employers and organizations ensuring they are doing everything that is needed to be protected against any probable people issues. Our HR solutions are designed in a way that the organizations work as a whole and there are processes, policies, interventions to eradicate any form of dispute, dissatisfaction for anyone in the organization, be it the employees or the management.   

In a nutshell, we are your partner who will manage the most vital function of your organization, while you concentrate on your core business.

Don’t let a mismanaged HR function be the reason for derailing your organization’s growth journey.  Partner with us now!

Choose us for any/all of your Human Resources needs by taking our service from domain experts and function specialists.

You must choose us because:

  • We have the Domain Expertise.
  • We are reliable and fair.
  • We care and hence provide sustainable solutions.
  • We adapt a holistic approach.
  • We are affordable and flexible.
  • We believe, quality comes first.
  • We assure a stress free & hassle-free outsourcing experience.
  • We provide customized solutions ensuring smooth transition and implementation.

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Be a trusted HR partner connecting organizations & individuals to embark a mutually enriching growth journey.


Deliver distinctive, proficient, cost effective and client centered HR services that support our clients ’ goals and ensure development and success of our clients and their people.

Our Core Values


Work in collaboration with clients to drive their business forward and maintain an ongoing business relationship by ensuring quality delivery of services.

Integrity & Fairness

We will practice highest ethical standards and always act with honesty, thereby obtaining and maintaining customer loyalty.


We will always aim for the best quality and excellence in everything we do in terms of our fulfillment of commitments.

About us

HR MITHRA is a Human Resources Management Consultancy that provides you a comprehensive solution for your multidisciplinary HR function. We will partner with you to assess and identify the unique needs of your organization and chalk out the transformation journey of your people & processes guaranteeing progress, of both your manpower as well as the organization.

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